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Obtaining an OSHA Card

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) distributes OSHA cards to workers who have completed OSHA’s Outreach Training Program. This includes a 10-hour and a 30-hour safety course. Many contractors request that their workers obtain an OSHA card to prove that they are familiar with OSHA rules and regulations as well as general workplace safety. Ensuring that your employees possess this card can help you achieve safer project sites, improved productivity, and greater profits. After all, nobody likes to receive a costly citation from OSHA.

In this article, an OSHA attorney will discuss the process for obtaining an OSHA card and outline the benefits of this card. Remember, if you want to maintain the health and safety of your workers, consult our OSHA attorneys to ensure that your project sites are compliant with all OSHA rules and regulations.

Beware Fraudulent OSHA Courses

Scammers understand the value of training and certification programs. Workers often feel like completing these programs is the ticket to steady employment, which explains why fraudulent activity related to these courses has been on the rise over the last several years. Before you request that your workers obtain an OSHA card, seek out a reputable safety course to ensure that your workers are actually being equipped with the right knowledge to improve the safety of your project sites. Only OSHA-authorized trainers are qualified to teach the 10- and 30-hour safety courses prescribed by OSHA. Unauthorized trainers cannot distribute course completion cards.

The 10- and 30-Hour Safety Courses

The 10-hour safety course is designed to teach entry-level workers about general safety and health hazards in the workplace. Conversely, the 30-hour safety course delves more deeply into a variety of safety-related topics and offers in-depth, industry-specific training to help workers prepare for relevant hazards. The 30-hour safety course is especially important for workers in the construction industry who are exposed to a greater variety of workplace hazards than many other professions. This course is designed for supervisors and workers who are responsible for the safety and health of other workers.

Finding an Authorized Trainer

OSHA has published a list of authorized trainers to help workers procure legitimate training. This list is available to the public and can be found here. The list includes trainer names, contact information, and the courses they are authorized to teach.

Important Considerations

Many workers wrongly believe that obtaining an OSHA card will guarantee employment. Although the OSHA card increases hireability, it does not guarantee a job. It’s important to communicate this clearly to your workers. In addition, OSHA doesn’t require your workers to take either of these courses. While some states, cities, and employers have mandated the use of the Outreach Training Program as a prerequisite to employment, there is no such official mandate by OSHA.

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