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Offsite Construction: The Benefits and the Challenges

What does the future of construction look like? Advocates of offsite construction think building offsite is the key to the construction industry’s sustainability. First, stakeholder skepticism must be addressed before offsite construction becomes the new normal. To learn about what offsite construction means for the construction industry read our article, “Offsite Construction and What it Means for the Construction Industry.”

Are There Any Drawbacks to Offsite Construction?

Offsite construction boasts many benefits, but many wonder what the drawbacks of this type of construction would be. The main disadvantage is the limited knowledgeable many construction professionals have about the method. Back in 2014, a survey conducted by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) revealed that respondents’ hesitancy revolved around:

  • Design and construction industry conflicts that would hinder offsite construction
  • Concerns about distance and transportation between the jobsite and offsite
  • Lack of knowledge about the offsite construction or program requirements
  • Resistance from unions

When assessing challenges, professionals must keep in mind that offsite construction must adhere to the same quality standards, requirements, and safety codes as traditionally built structures. When it comes to construction safety and regulations, our Jacksonville construction attorneys know that the same rules apply.

Benefits of Offsite Construction

Offsite construction is an advantageous building method for various reasons. For one, it saves time and money since modular construction is known to be cheaper and is built quicker than traditional construction. Companies will also see a reduction in material waste. Furthermore, offsite construction provides a much safer and sustainable environment which will play a major role in decreasing workplace accidents and fatalities. Respondents from the 2014 NIBS survey cited “reduced defects and increased quality” as an attractive benefit. Our Jacksonville construction attorneys also know that a safer and controlled work zone will naturally result in a decrease in OSHA violations.

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