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Ongoing Housekeeping Tips to Stay OSHA Compliant Part 2

Every year workplace injuries affect employers alike in the form of pain, extra costs, and time away from work. An OSHA inspector or safety consultant would probably get a good idea about your safety and health practices upon their first entrance into your facility. Good housekeeping doesn’t just happen, though. Proactive supervision and housekeeping is the key to a safe work environment. Read on to learn about the benefits of good housekeeping and other tips. You can also learn more in part one of our article.

Benefits of Good Housekeeping

Maintaining a clean and orderly workplace is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Fewer slipping and tripping accidents occur
  • Fire hazards are decreased
  • Workers are exposed to less hazardous chemicals/substances
  • Inventory and supplies are better managed
  • Better hygienic conditions for all employees
  • Improved productivity and quality of work
  • Boosts worker morale
  • Improved preventive maintenance

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Prevent Falling Objects

Workers can be seriously injured by falling objects. It’s important to keep equipment, materials, and tools positioned properly and away from edges or by placing them on lower shelving when possible. Remove materials from roof edges, excavations, or openings. Debris nets, toe rails, toe boards, or personal protective equipment should be used to prevent and catch objects from falling and hitting workers.

Dust and Dirt Removal

Exhaust ventilation systems collect dust, dirt, and chips; however, if they fail to collect them efficiently, regular vacuuming can remove some of the dust and dirt from walls and hard-to-reach places. Special vacuums can also remove hazardous substances and manual cleaning should be performed to remove these substances from shelves, windows, and other areas.


A cluttered workplace is unsightly and an accident waiting to happen. Cluttered industrial sites, factories, and construction sites lead to serious safety risks. Clutter increases your workers’ risk of falls as well as injuries such as punctures, cuts, and tears to a worker’s body. Dispose of scrap, waste, and surplus materials, empty trash cans, and keep aisles and stairways clear.

Wear and Inspect Equipment and Tools

As experienced OSHA attorneys, we can not stress enough the importance of wearing personal protective equipment. Even more important is the need to inspect, clean, fix, and replace tools and equipment to rid the workplace of defective equipment.

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