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For construction professionals, it’s important to remember that when you agree to a written contract that the agreement covers a lot more than just your required work tasks on the project. The contract also represents the fact that you are entering an important financial transaction with the other contracting party. This includes which party will be considered fiscally responsible for certain elements pertaining to the project. This is one of the countless reasons why you should hire an Orange County, FL construction attorney to draft, review, or revise your construction contracts.

Knowledgeable Orange County Construction, FL Attorneys

There’s no disputing that construction contracts are highly complex documents. In fact, in some cases, the contract can be as complicated as the work that needs to be performed on a project. For contractors, architects, suppliers, manufacturers, and developers, the last thing you want to consider when performing your tasks is whether or not the contract offers you protection in regard to major issues on the project.

With one of our Orange County, FL construction attorneys reviewing your contract, we can ensure that you are protected so that you can focus on your work responsibilities. We can also ensure that the essential elements of your contract are all covered.

Compensation: Whether you desire a lump sum, a unit price, or a time and materials contract, we can make certain that your agreement is structured the way you want it to be and can even negotiate the total fee on your behalf.

Dispute Resolution: Litigation can be a lot more cost-effective when dispute resolutions, notices, changes to the work, and time extensions are all covered in a clearly worded contract that defines the process and requirements of these issues.

Performance: Along with the building specs, contractors need to have the requirements and expectations of their performance tasks featured in the contract including the budget and amount of time they have for each portion of the work.

Employment Responsibilities: It’s important for the contract to include the hiring and termination provisions of other employees. It’s also critical that every contract on the project (contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors) properly aligns.

Additional Responsibilities: The contract also covers many other factors beyond the scope of the work including sureties, bonds, liens, liquidated and actual damages, and insurance laws.

Offering the Best Legal Strategies

Written contracts are a blueprint for construction professionals to determine their best business practices by specifically implementing the best strategies and policies to ensure both parties mutually understand these requirements. Of course, even with a well-written contract, disputes do still happen. If you are in need of a contract review or litigation or arbitration services, please contact Cotney Attorneys & Consultants today.

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