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One of the most important elements of a construction project is the construction contract. When issues or disagreements between contracting parties arise during the course of a construction project, the information that is provided in the contract will help determine a resolution to the dispute. With that said, it is imperative for contractors to ensure that their contracts are accurate and include as many details about the project as possible.

Therefore, it is recommended to have an Orlando construction law firm review your contract to ensure that it is written in a manner that is designed to protect you.

Below are four essential elements that should be included with every construction contract.

1. Identification and Signature of Contracting Parties

The full names, addresses and signatures of all parties involved in the contract are required to make the contract legally binding. Without the proper identification or appropriate signatures on all required documents, the contract may be considered invalid. Orlando construction law firms can assist you with making sure that all required parties are properly identified in the contract.

2. Performance Details

Another key element that should be included within a construction contract is the scope of work. While most construction contracts will outline a more general scope of work, it is important for contractors to include a more detailed explanation of the services that will be provided, including specifications about the materials, quality, grade, schedule of work, and other relevant details.

3. Project Cost & Payment Terms

The project cost and payment terms of a contract should always be clearly and simply stated. There should be no confusion as to the exact amounts that should be paid, schedule of payments, or terms and conditions. Any costs associated with services beyond the scope of project should be included in an addendum to the contract.

4. Schedule of Deliverables

The schedule of deliverables is another element of construction contracts that contractors should be mindful of. It is important for this section of the contract to establish a clear notice to proceed date, start date, and date of completion. It is also recommended to include that the contractor is not responsible for delays caused by factors outside of the contractor’s control, such as delays in acquiring permits, easements, approvals, or poor weather.

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