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Bid Protests

Contractors have the right to protest an awarded bid if they feel that it has been awarded improperly. If you believe that a bid was improperly evaluated or if you question the validity of an award, it is recommended that you contact an Orlando contractor attorney to initiate a bid protest.

Experienced contractor lawyers in Orlando can assist with bid protest analysis, bid protest technical review, bid protest research, bid protest preparation and filing, and bid protest intervention, in the case that you are having to defend your awarded bid. The technical expertise and experience of a competent lawyer can greatly increase the likelihood of success.

Below, are two of the most common reasons an awarded government bid is protested.

1. Bid Awarded to Irresponsible or Unresponsive Bidder

During the bid selection process, the agency should eliminate any bidders who do not qualify as responsible and responsive bidders. A responsible bidder is consider as any bidder who can successfully perform the contract requirements. A history of unfulfilled contracts, unlicensed contracting, or criminal activity should categorize a bidder as irresponsible.

A responsive bidder is any bidder who fulfills the requirements of the bid application. The bid must comply with the application requirements, otherwise, it should be rejected. If you feel that a bid has been awarded to an irresponsible or unresponsive bidder, you have a right to file a bid protest and should contact an Orlando contractor attorney.

2. Existing Relationship or Prior Communication With Bid Evaluators

All members of the agency who participate in the evaluation of submitted bids should have no bias when scoring or making a decision on a bid. The evaluators should not hold favoritism or bias towards or against any bidder based on an existing or past relationship.

Additionally, communication during the bidding process should be limited to the point of contact for the solicitation. If you believe a bid was awarded based on an existing relationship or communication with an evaluator, you should contact a contractor lawyer in Orlando as soon as possible.

The requirements for filing a bid protest can be extremely complex. As such, it is strongly recommended to seek the guidance and expertise of an experienced Orlando contractor lawyer for assistance with the government bid process.

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