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The primary objective of Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is to protect the general public and ensure compliance with license operational standards. With that said, the DBPR uses a number of methods to ascertain contractors in violation of their license or individuals contracting without a license altogether. Investigators will conduct site assessments of construction projects, sting operations, and follow ups to complaints made with the organization.

If the DBPR finds an organization or individual is in violation of laws associated with their license, an official Administrative Complaint will be handed down. As Orlando contractor license defense attorneys, we can not stress enough the importance of seeking out council if this occurs. License violations, if not negotiated or dropped, carry severe penalties including fines and, in some cases, criminal charges.

Your contractor license defense attorney in Orlando will determine the best plan of action based on the laws allegedly violated and the type of evidence and testimony to be presented.

What is an Informal Hearing?

During an informal hearing, your Orlando contractor license defense attorney will present documented evidence and testimony to an Informal Hearing office based on established facts. It’s important to note that with an informal hearing, no new evidence may be introduced. A Recommended Order will be determined based off of the evidence and testimony presented, and a Final Order will be handed down 90 days from the hearing.

What is a Formal Hearing?

During a formal hearing, your contractor license defense attorney in Orlando has the ability to dispute the violation by presenting new evidence. Arguments will be presented before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), who will determine a Recommended Order from which the Final Order will be handed down following the trial.

In both formal and informal hearings, if a favorable outcome can not be reached, your Orlando contractor license defense attorney will have the opportunity to appeal the decision through a judicial review of the case.

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