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OSHA National Emphasis Programs

In an effort to reduce illness, injury and fatality rates in specific industries, OSHA has established what are known as Special Emphasis Programs that feature a combination of enforcement and educational outreach. OSHA currently has a total of 153 active programs between the three Special Emphasis Programs: National (NEP), Regional (REP) and Local (LEP), which are outlined below.

The NEP focuses on hazards that are national in scope, while the Regional and Local Emphasis Programs focus on dealing with hazards that may be found in specific areas of the country.

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National Emphasis Programs

As previously mentioned, NEPs are designed to focus on hazards that are a concern to OSHA on a national scale, such as isocyanates and crystalline silica exposure. Among the various National Emphasis Programs OSHA has implemented, there are specific NEPs that impact businesses in the construction industry including the hexavalent chromium NEP, the isocyanates NEP, the lead NEP, and the silica NEP.

Regional Emphasis Programs

There are 10 regions that cover all of the U.S. states and territories. REPs are created on an as-needed basis to address high-risk industries and hazards that are concentrated in a specific region that may not necessarily be prevalent on a national scale.

In total, there are approximately 140 Regional and Local Emphasis Programs.

Local Emphasis Programs

Within each region, OSHA may launch Local Emphasis Programs to target issues that are unique to specific parts of the region, so it is not uncommon to find a REP and LEP that are concurrently active for each region.

While this is true for many areas of the U.S., some states operate a under a separate, OSHA- approved worker safety and health plan and will rely more on LEPs. Other states that operate under OSHA’s federal plan, typically will rely on REPs.

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