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OSHA Outreach Training Program

The Outreach Training Program

OSHA’s Outreach Training Program is in place to provide safety and health information and education; however it does not fulfill an employer’s requirement to provide training under specific OSHA standards. The OSHA Outreach training program prepares employers and workers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in the construction industry’s work environment. This program also supplies information to employees regarding workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint. This program entails either a 10-hour class or a 30-hour class that is administered by OSHA-authorized trainers.

10-Hour Class

The 10-hour class is for entry level workers. The training reviews a variety of construction safety and health hazards that a worker may encounter at a construction site. Training emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention; not OSHA standards.

30-Hour Class

The 30-hour class is generally for supervisors or workers with some prior safety responsibility knowledge. This training is intended to ensure that workers are more knowledgeable about workplace hazards as well as their rights. For more information on the OSHA Outreach Training Program, confer with your OSHA lawyer.

Why Participate?

OSHA’s Outreach Training Program is very beneficial as an employer and employee. It shows that you’ve taken extra steps as an employer to ensure your crew is educated on OSHA compliance, workplace safety and how to avoid potential hazards. As an employee, having taken this course will show any future employer how knowledgeable you are about OSHA regulations, making you an ideal candidate.

Staying Up To Date With Requirements

Authorized Construction Outreach Trainers are required to stay up to date with OSHA standards. To stay current on all new rules and regulations, Outreach Trainers will need to attend the OSHA course #502 Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers every four years. Once a trainer’s authorization has expired, they will have a 90 day grace period to take OSHA course #502. Consulting with your OSHA attorney would be beneficial in this situation, they would be able to remind you of upcoming expirations, and help you register to take the #502 course.

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