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OSHA’s Guidance for New Businesses

If you recently started your own construction business, you’re likely facing many challenges right now. Along with new challenges facing the industry, including potential labor and material shortages and fear of the spread of COVID-19, there are also the ever present challenges, including safety concerns. 

In this brief article, an OSHA attorney will discuss requirements for new businesses under the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Although the federal safety and health organization offers its own assistance to new businesses, construction business owners should consult the OSHA lawyers with Cotney Attorneys & Consultants for any safety-related concerns, including implementing safety initiatives into your workplace. 

What Are Employers Responsible for Under OSHA Guidelines?

As the employer, you must adhere to the provisions set forth by OSHA. You can learn more about these provisions by reviewing the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970; however, it’s best to consult a Texas OSHA lawyer if you are looking for answers to specific safety-related questions. As you already know, employers are required to provide a safe, hazard-free workplace. Here are some other responsibilities the employer must comply with:

  • Providing OSHA Standards to Employees: If an employee requests more information on a safety standard, the employer is responsible for providing them with a copy of that information. It’s always best to have several copies of OSHA standards available to provide to your team.
  • Displaying OSHA Posters: Employers must display OSHA safety and health information in the workplace. This information informs your workforce of their safety and health rights and must be posted in a clearly visible area of the workplace. To learn more about the specific posters that need to be displayed, consult a construction attorney.
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting: Employers are required to maintain records for occupational injuries and illnesses. Furthermore, if an employee is seriously injured on the jobsite, the employer must report this injury as soon as possible.
  • Keeping the Workforce Informed: Employers are responsible for informing their workforce of any additional information on health or safety risks present on the jobsite. For example, if an employee is working with hazardous chemicals, the employer must inform them of the dangers of chemical hazards and provide them with the necessary safety information to protect them from harm.
  • Providing Personal Protection Equipment: Employers must ensure that all safety and health standards are being followed, including safety standards related to PPE. Employers need to invest in PPE for their employees, including fall protection systems and other equipment. If your workforce is not wearing appropriate PPE, you will receive a citation.
  • Participating in Inspections: All construction businesses are subject to inspections by OSHA. These inspections can occur for a variety of reasons, including after an employee complaint. If your workplace received a request for an inspection from an OSHA compliance officer, a Texas OSHA lawyer can be of assistance.

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How Can a Construction Lawyer Help Your New Business?

If you recently established a new business, a construction attorney can provide you with the legal guidance you require to ensure you are complying with the standards set forth by OSHA. Here are a few reasons why partnering with with our Texas OSHA defense lawyers can greatly benefit the safety aspects of your business:

  • Consultations: Whether you are interested in on-site assistance with a safety-related matter or you would like an OSHA defense lawyer to perform a third-party site inspection before an OSHA visit, our construction lawyers can visit your site and identify and correct any hazards.
  • Safety Training: As the majority of our attorneys and staff have real-world experience in construction, we can create training courses and safety and health initiatives that protect your workforce and your business. Furthermore, we can draft and review all of your safety manuals to ensure that these documents feature the latest safety-related material.
  • Citation Dispute: If you were issued a citation and you would like to challenge the decision, a construction lawyer can navigate you through the response process. Furthermore, our attorneys are highly experienced in participating in conferences and hearings for construction clients on both the local and federal level.
  • Answers in Real Time: When you partner with a construction law firm and invest in an affordable, monthly subscription plan, you and your team receive unlimited access to a construction attorney on-demand. You can pick up the phone any time and our attorneys and staff will address your safety concerns. With plans starting at $599, you can save a tremendous amount of money long term when you allocate a small portion of budget to your monthly legal spend. 


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