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When a contractor is working on a big project, the last thing they want to have weighing on their mind is their contract. Most construction professionals would prefer to have someone else handle the legal elements of this written agreement. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our Pasco County construction lawyers excel in providing several services that assist our construction clientele with the complex legal matters within a contract.

Our Pasco County Construction Lawyers Excel in Drafting Contracts

A well-defined contract serves many purposes. A primary objective to a contract is to establish a mutual agreement in regard to the requirements of the work that needs to be performed. Without a clear and concise explanation of the contractor’s tasks within the contract, a lot of the responsibilities of the project can be left to debate in litigation. Of course, if legal action is needed down the road, it’s always easier to settle a dispute with a clearly worded contract. Along with the right building specs to begin work, contractors need a well-defined contract that meticulously explains their role in every stage of the project.

Critical Components of the Construction Contract

Three other elements that are critical to cover in a contract are pricing, deadlines, and changes.

Pricing: When a contractor lands a big project, they want to ensure that they receive the full payment they deserve for their hard work. A Pasco County construction lawyer can provide you with a variety of services from negotiating your contract to drafting or reviewing the written agreement to confirming that you receive the contract sum you deserve.

Delays: The two major elements of working on a project are time and money. If the owner or a third party caused a delay, the contractor’s contract should not incur any overhead costs for these delays. One of our Pasco County construction lawyers can draft a contract that defines “Excused Delays.” This guarantees that if a delay happens, and the contractor is not at fault, the deadline is postponed and the contractor isn’t responsible for paying any delay damages.

Changes: Projects often need to be tweaked in regard to design, budget, labor, equipment, or materials. It’s important for both contracting parties to define their obligations when this happens and how these issues will be resolved.

Drafting, Reviewing, and Revising Contracts

From price negotiation to drafting contracts to including important clauses to reviewing the language to ensuring our clients are protected from potential claims by the other contracting party, our Pasco County construction lawyers provide solutions to your contract needs.

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