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Perfecting the Scope of Work Part 2

The scope of work is all about “the work” that is to be performed. If contractual parties do not identify the work very well, they will soon find themselves consulting with a Florida construction lawyer to iron out any confusion that arises such as claims relating to time or cost. A clear and logical scope of work will reduce these types of claims that often lead to litigation. This article will conclude our two-part series. Be sure to read part one to learn more.

Confusion Over the Work to Be Performed

Our Florida construction lawyers cannot stress enough the importance of creating a clear and thorough scope of work. The scope of work is a very common area for construction disputes. Due to errors, ambiguities, or inconsistencies with other parts of the contract, construction parties may be confused about the work to be completed. Pay careful attention to your contract documents and if necessary have your attorney review them to verify that the plans and specification are identified and incorporated into the contract and any documents that identify allowances, exclusions, or pricing are also included. Additionally, scrutinize language to ensure all parties understand and are in agreement. Anything outdated or not applicable should be removed.

Let the Scope of Work Work to Your Advantage

Creating a scope of work may be time-consuming; however, the clarity it provides is worth the effort. A clear and detailed scope of work will save you time, cut down unnecessary costs, and puts your professionalism on display for your customers, suppliers, and other contractual parties. Additionally, it protects all parties ensuring that every expectation is met. In the event of a dispute, it makes for an easy reference.

You should know what you are aiming to achieve for every project you pursue. The scope of work allows you to accomplish this in simple terms. If your scope of work provisions have been a source of contention, we have a few tips to help you improve your legal documents.

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