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Philanthropy in the Construction Industry Part 1

Although not widely documented, the construction industry is dedicated to helping improve the lives of others through an array of diverse philanthropic efforts. Each year, construction firms and related agencies contribute millions of dollars in cash, building materials, supplies, and labor to charities on a local, national, and international scale. Through collaboration with community service organizations, construction professionals make an indelible imprint on countless lives by not only providing charitable donations but also attaching a face to these contributions to help solidify their importance eternally in the hearts of many.

At Cotney Construction Law, our Nashville construction lawyers understand how important it is to give back. Our dedicated legal experts can help you form your own 501(c)3 organization or other charitable entity to help you show your support for those in need. In this four-part series, we will explore examples of philanthropy in the construction industry and teach you how to get involved by working with a Nashville construction lawyer.

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Overview

AGC instills a strong sense of benevolence and generosity in its members. AGC has formed two distinct organizations — AGC Charities and the AGC Education and Research Foundation. Both organizations are registered 501(c)3 organizations governed by AGC members. These members volunteer their time to raise tax-deductible contributions from other members to help support new charitable endeavors.

In addition, every AGC chapter in the country supports local charities in their communities. Some of the charities include scholarship programs aimed at improving the quality of public education, while others perform community services such as cleaning public areas, installing playgrounds, and more.

AGC Charities

In 2008, AGC established AGC Charities, Inc. to expand their philanthropic efforts and lay the blueprint for the construction industry’s renewed dedication to giving back to the community. AGC Charities aim to increase charitable, scientific, and educational contributions by aligning with charitable initiatives such as Operation Opening Doors, a program focused on aiding impaired soldiers and veterans with home remodeling services.

AGC Education and Research Foundation

The AGC Education and Research Foundation was founded in 1968 to help construction management and engineering students gain access to scholarships to combat the rising cost of education. This foundation issues awards to educators and students who either display outstanding talent or submit an essay to a competition respectively. Furthermore, the foundation spearheaded two research initiatives — the Faculty Internship and Industry Case Study programs.

In parts two, three, and four, the Nashville construction attorneys at Cotney Construction Law will continue to explore philanthropy in the construction industry, highlighting businesses that have effectively incorporated charitable work into their brand.

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