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Philanthropy in the Construction Industry Part 3

Many private building companies are putting more resources into philanthropic efforts to shine a positive light on their brand and give back to the same communities that helped raise them. If your company is interested in getting involved in charity, the Nashville construction litigation attorneys at Cotney Construction Law can help you form your own non-profit or collaborate with a charitable organization.

We covered two major sources of charity related to the construction industry, the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and construction-related charities, in parts one and two. In part three, we will begin to explore some of the private building companies making the largest charitable contributions in the construction industry.

Consigli Construction

This Boston-based firm is involved in a variety of charities, most notably the Boston Cares Bed Project. The goal of this project, which was spearheaded by Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, is to build 1,500 beds for children in Boston who don’t have their own to sleep on. Consigli Construction also started the Consigli Foundation to host fundraisers for organizations like the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, the Cambridge Family and Children’s Service, as well as local elementary and middle schools.

Consigli Construction President Matthew Consigli told Construction Dive, “For us, giving back in this way is crucial because just as we build for a living, we’re working just as hard to build for a better tomorrow.”

Schwob Building Company

This Dallas-based firm focuses its philanthropic efforts on charities that benefit children. Schwob collaborated with Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) to raise $56,000 for the Children’s Health System of Texas in 2016. The company also encourages employees to participate in a company-wide charitable undertaking that asks every worker to donate $1 of each hour worked to a charity during a designated week. Schwob then matches these employee contributions and 100 percent of the funds raised are sent to various charities. In addition, the company donates to Camp John Marc, a popular summer camp for children facing medical and physical obstacles.

Windover Construction

With an employee-driven “Social Sustainability Committee” that aims to provide philanthropy to women, children, and families; education; military veterans; and the environment, Windover Construction has elevated the standard for private building firms’ charitable activity to the next level.

Lee Dellicker, president and CEO of Windover Construction, noted that by broadening Windover’s goals to include charity, the company is able to expand their positive influence beyond their building efforts.

Consigli Construction, Schwob Building Company, and Windover Construction are just three examples of private building firms whose philanthropic efforts are having a major effect on those in need. In part four, we will continue to explore private building firms making significant contributions to charities.

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