Having an outsourced COO will offer your business an affordable alternative for companies to address their operating needs. Cotney COO on Demand can provide flexible support for long- or short-term company issues and projects, and in addition, they can tackle more expansive needs affecting all parts of a company’s operational structure.

Among the varied services Cotney COO on Demand offers:

  • Coordinated work with the CEO to manage all operations activities
  • Oversight and review of all management and staff positions
  • Back-office support for a company’s administrative and support staff
  • Overview of management of talent acquisition and retention
  • Budgeting and forecasting for operational needs
  • Vendor management and contract reviewal
  • Risk-management overview
  • Analysis of technology infrastructure needs

Above are only a few of the ways Cotney COO on Demand can play your chief operating officer and use our expertise to enhance your company’s output. Save yourself the expensive overhead of a full-time position!