Cotney is well-known for its expertise in workplace health and safety and has won OSHA Defense Law Firm of the Year (USA) from Lawyer’s World Magazine and other publications.  In addition, Trent Cotney is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, OSHA Defense for the Construction Industry, now on its 3rd edition.

We are involved in every aspect of workplace health and safety in both construction and general industry.  Many of our lawyers in this practice group have completed OSHA-10 or OSHA-30 safety training.  In addition, we have a dedicated safety trainer who has both OSHA-500 and OSHA-510 (train the trainer) certifications.  

Our firm routinely provides safety training for construction associations and businesses and drafts toolbox talks, safety policies and procedures, and safety manuals.  Our lawyers and consultants assist with employer OSHA or OHS inspections and help defend employers from regulatory citations issued by OSHA, OHS, or state or provincial agencies.

Cotney has handled hundreds of OSHA citations and litigated through the administrative process at the Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission (OSHRC) and state agency equivalents, including CAL-OSHA, WISHA, MIOSHA, IOSHA, and OR-OSHA.  Cotney’s lawyers have also appealed adverse decisions in the court system and have several reported decisions on safety-related issues.

We have represented clients with serious, repeat, and willful violations, including dozens of citations based on catastrophic fatalities. Our years of experience dealing with inspectors and area directors allow us to efficiently navigate the process and provide clients with legal advice focused on increasing workplace safety. Finally, our knowledge of the process allows us to manage crises due to injuries or fatalities sustained by employees.

Our OSHA Services Include:

  • OSHA Record Keeping
  • Workplace Accident Investigation
  • Handling OSHA Inspections and Future Preparation
  • Safety Training and Best Practices through SOPs
  • Drafting Safety Manuals
  • Counseling Management 
  • OSHA Citation Negotiations and Resolution
  • Litigation and Trial of OSHA Citations
  • Appeal of Adverse Decisions