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Preparing For OSHA: An Internal Inspection Checklist Part 2 featured image

Preparing For OSHA: An Internal Inspection Checklist Part 2

As experienced OSHA defense lawyers, we know that OSHA encourages construction businesses to be proactive in identifying and rectifying any conditions in the workplace that could lead to the harm of employees. This is why it is crucial that companies get their internal systems in order to prevent violations and citations. This article will conclude our internal inspection checklist. Read Part 1 for additional areas to inspect.

Portable Ladders

Injuries and fatalities occur frequently due to ladder falls in the construction industry. It is critical that employers comply with portable ladder safety guidelines. Ladder safety guidelines include instructions and tips for rungs, angles, slippage, load requirements, and securing the surrounding area.


The construction industry is among the industries required to keep a record of serious job-related injuries and illnesses. This excludes businesses with less than 10 employees. Employers can find out if they are required to prepare and maintain records by visiting the U.S. Census Bureau website. If required to comply with record-keeping rules, employers will need to maintain incident reports and record-keeping forms and to report incidents within specific timeframes.

Other Areas to Inspect

An addition to the above areas below is a brief list of additional areas that can be added to an internal inspection list to ensure you are OSHA compliant.

  • Machine guarding
  • Piping systems
  • Employee posting
  • Health and safety programs
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Ventilation
  • Flammable and combustible materials

In addition to the items on your internal inspection, remember to add a protocol for your company’s designated representative in the event your company is selected for an inspection. This representative must be credentialed and registered with your local OSHA office and will communicate with the inspector on your company’s behalf throughout the inspection process from opening to closing.

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