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Preventing Client Injuries During Site Visits

In construction, you’ll occasionally have clients visit the construction site before work is complete. While this is not uncommon, it does present a potential danger for visitors and your crew. Visitors are unaware of the conditions of the worksite, which could lead to injuries and expose your company to liability. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent client injuries during site visits.

Limit Access

It may not be possible to secure every part of the construction site for this. While you may want to show off your work, it’s better to be cautious and keep people away from areas where they can be injured. Identify any areas where it would be unsafe for visitors in their current conditions and keep visitors out.

Maintain Walkways

Many construction injuries happen because of unsafe walkways. Construction sites tend to have walkways that are not paved or well-maintained. This is just a part of the construction process. Many visitors end up with ankle or fall injuries because they walk in areas that have not been prepared for people walking.

If you have somebody coming to visit your jobsite, take the time to prepare many of the walkways and areas that they will visit. This means making sure that the installed walkways are in good condition and clean enough to walk on. This also means taking the time to smooth dirt paths, making them easier to walk on as well. Doing this at regular intervals throughout your project is a simple thing that can make conditions safer for construction workers that are there every day, as well.

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Require Proper Clothing

Every person that works on a construction site is required to wear specific types of clothing. This is mostly for everyone’s safety. You should require the same of anyone looking to visit your construction site. A construction site can only be made so safe, and wearing the wrong clothing can be a major contributing factor to injuries. Footwear is the most important part of this requirement as proper footwear can prevent slips and falls and other common injuries.

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Stop Work in Visited Areas

If you know that a specific area is going to be viewed during the visit, consider pausing work in that area during the duration of the visit. This will keep working accidents from happening with visitors nearby. Active construction work means that accidents can happen. By removing all of the work from that area, you eliminate potential problems. You could also consider stopping work a bit early so that everyone can clean up to make the area more presentable and safe. 

Preventing construction accidents is one of the most important parts of your construction projects. With proper precautions, you can ensure that visitors and your crew won’t get hurt. If you have questions about safety regulations and policies, contact a Nashville construction lawyer from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

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