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Preventing Substance Abuse in the Workplace Part 4 featured image

Preventing Substance Abuse in the Workplace Part 4

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) plans on having more inspections this year than ever before. If you are a contractor or construction industry professional, this means your workplace could potentially fail an inspection and receive a citation. If you are in need of any OSHA defense legal advice, contact one of our Florida OSHA lawyers today.

Substance abuse causes over a billion dollars in lost revenue every year for the construction industry and leads to more accidents and injuries in the workplace. In this four-part article, we first discussed statistics pertaining to substance abuse. In the second and third section, we discussed the impact substance abuse has on the construction industry. In the final section, we will offer a few tips to ensure your workplace is drug-free.

Monitoring the Workplace

Contractors need to know the signs of a substance abuser and educate their supervisors on ways to detect substance abuse in the workplace. Employees that are prone to accidents, display erratic behavior, are often absent from work, or have the physical signs of substance abuse, which may include enlarged pupils, slurred speech, or persistent fatigue, should be reported to management so that they can seek the treatment they need. It’s also important to have a treatment plan ready for employees that need help.

Drug Programs

Implementing a workplace drug program that effectively deals with drug testing before employment, during the project, and policy violations is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Although drug programs are often perceived as a waste of money, in reality, these programs are extremely valuable because they prevent substance abuse from being present at the workplace saving contractors money on the backend. Drug programs also offer employees education, treatment options, and firmly establish the rules that promote a drug-free workplace.

It’s important for contractors to have supervisors that will educate the staff on the policies and ensure that the workers understand the program. With temporary staffing agencies involved in most projects, it’s best to have close contact with agents from these staffing companies as well. As Florida OSHA lawyers, we want our contractors to have a safe and healthy workplace to ensure that they do not receive any OSHA citations. Prohibiting substance abuse in your workplace will help prevent this.

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