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Preventing Theft in Construction Part 5

If you are a Florida-based contractor, you should know that the Sunshine State is one of the three most prevalent states in the country targeted for the theft of construction equipment. Naturally, with many exciting projects underway, Florida construction projects are more susceptible to incidents of theft. In this six-part series, we are discussing preventive measures construction sites can take to avoid becoming another statistic.

In this section, the Orlando construction attorneys at Cotney Construction Law will cover some basic security tips to protect your site. For more information on preventing theft, please read sections one, two, three, and four.

Securing Your Site

Every construction site should have certain preventive measures in place to deter thieves. Here are some ways you can bolster your site’s security:

  • Lighting: Every workplace should have light towers in place with motion detector sensors that can illuminate the location when an intruder enters the area. A well-lit jobsite will deter thieves from entering after hours.
  • Fencing: It’s important to not allow easy access for the criminal to enter your property. Whether it’s a fence or guardrail, you need to secure the property and establish a clearly defined boundary that should not be passed by an intruder.    
  • Signage: Signage should be on the fencing to warn potential intruders not to enter. “No Trespassing” or “24-Hour Surveillance” are a few examples of such signs.
  • Surveillance Equipment: Your site can also have a nighttime security system featuring digital, wireless cameras. Further, these cameras can be programmed to be activated by motion and you can mount them anywhere on your jobsite.
  • Alarm System: Another option is an alarm system that will loudly bring attention to an intruder on the property. Many surveillance companies offer 24-hour alarm systems for an affordable monthly cost.  

Additional Options

Although our Orlando construction lawyers strongly encourage you to implement the above security features on your site, depending on your project’s budget and the scope of the work, you may want to take additional security measures. Here are a few more options to ensure that your site remains protected:

  • Security Team: You can employ a security company to remain onsite after hours and provide surveillance when you and your team are away from the jobsite. These professionals are trained and certified to handle emergency or theft-related situations.   
  • Relocate Valuables: If you are working in an area where it’s challenging to establish a secure perimeter with fencing, an alarm system, or other surveillance measures, it may be best to relocate valuable equipment to a more secure location when you are away from the jobsite.

For more information on theft in the construction industry, please read section six.

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