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Preventing Theft in Construction Part 6

In this six-part series, an Orlando construction law attorney from Cotney Construction Law has provided a variety of theft prevention techniques to bolster the security of your construction jobsite. This includes everything from establishing policies to labeling the equipment to securing valuables. If you are interested in catching up on these tips and more, please read sections one, two, three, four, and five. In this final section, we will offer you some parting advice on preventing theft in construction.

Timely Purchase Orders

One way to prevent theft is to perform your due diligence when ordering supplies. It’s best not to have materials arrive on a Friday or have them idly sitting on your site for weeks. Instead, make timely purchases of the items you need and be cautious about leaving extra materials around the jobsite overnight or especially over the weekend. The same approach should be used for your tools and safety gear. If you make a habit of not leaving things strewn about and instead secure your equipment and tools every night, thieves will be less likely to visit your location. Using common-sense can help mitigate the chances of your site being targeted.

Utilize the Best Technology

Every piece of construction equipment is extremely expensive and should be valued by the owner of the machinery. Take the time to utilize methods that deter thieves from stealing your most valuable equipment and ensure you have the right technology implemented into your machinery to track it if it is stolen. Whether it’s GPS tracking systems or geofencing, you should invest in the best technology to make certain your equipment remains protected. Although you may not be able to stop a criminal from stealing, you can utilize the most effective technologies to recover your lost equipment.

Act Quickly

If you arrive at your jobsite and discover that equipment has been stolen, you need to act quickly and immediately notify the authorities. In order for law enforcement to do their job to the best of their abilities, you need to put them in a position to succeed by reporting the incident and providing them with as much information as you can to help with their recovery efforts. After you contact the authorities, the next task is to contact your insurance company and notify them of the situation. Although the majority of construction equipment thefts are never recovered, the sooner you act and the more information you provide, the higher the likelihood that your theft investigation can have a successful outcome.

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