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Preventing Workers’ Compensation Fraud Part 1

As an employer, you do your best to provide your employees with the safest work environment possible. Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that workplaces experience injuries even when the right prevention methods are in place. This is why Florida workers’ compensation rules exist. When employees are hurt on the job, they need financial assistance during their recovery period. Whether it’s covering their medical bills or providing paid time-off, the burden falls on the employer and their insurance company to assist injured employees during difficult times.

Injuries Impact Businesses

Injuries at the workplace greatly impact a business. Not only does an injury affect the workforce and how many hours each worker registers on the clock each week (some employees may have to work overtime to fill that void), but injuries also affect the bottom line of a business. From increased premiums to lost revenue, businesses have to readjust their practices when a worker goes down with an injury. It’s important that employers communicate these principles to their workers.

Stop Fraudulent Claims in the Workplace

Although the vast majority of workers’ compensation claims are valid, there are always some that are fraudulent. When a worker files a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim, there is more at stake than just the productivity of your workplace. As we will discuss in the next section, if you suspect a worker has filed a fraudulent claim, there are certain steps you need to take. However, the first step is to prevent workers’ compensation fraud. Here are some ways employers can mitigate fraudulent claims from transpiring at their workplace.

  • Create a Positive Workplace: Many fraudulent claims come from disgruntled workers. It’s important to build positive relationships with your employees and to show them that their health and safety is a primary concern of yours. From establishing safety programs to creating a formal complaint system to acting quickly to eliminate hazards, there are many ways you can improve your workplace conditions and also show your workers you care.
  • Applicant Screening: Many workers that file a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim have a history of doing so. One of the best ways to prevent a false claim at your workplace is by screening during the application process. Perform a criminal background check and research the applicant’s work history. If a worker has a questionable past, it’s best to eliminate them from consideration.
  • Establish Policies: It’s also important that employers make it abundantly clear that fraud will not be tolerated at the workplace, and that a fraudulent claim will result in the immediate termination of the employee’s position at the company.

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