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Project Delivery Systems: Design-Build

The question remains: which delivery system will work best for the smooth and cost-effective completion of a commercial construction project? Obviously, every construction professional wants to deliver a high-quality product, but there is no one-size-fits-all answer for choosing a project delivery system. However, our Tallahassee construction law attorneys do advise every construction professional to choose the system that will be most beneficial to the individual and will create a win-win for all parties involved.

This article will provide a basic overview of the design-build project delivery system.

What is Design-Build?

The design-build method combines both construction work and design under one contract between the owner and a design builder which is a licensed general contractor. The design builder contractor performs the design service or subcontracts with a licensed design subcontractor to do so. The trait that distinguishes a design-build project from other project delivery systems is that one entity is accountable to the owner for both design and construction of the facility. The phases of the project also occur simultaneously. Here, the design team and construction team function better as one team. However, the design builder contractor holds more liability and must ensure insurance coverage and bonding requirements are met prior to the start of the project.

Pros and Cons of a Design-Build

Every delivery method has its benefit and risks. The following are advantages and disadvantages of choosing the design-build method.

Advantages: The design-build project delivery system allows for better communication, less conflictive relationships, and faster project completion. Furthermore, this system results in time and costs savings since there will be fewer changes orders.

Disadvantages: In design-build projects, there are fewer checks and balances in place. Owners will experience less control over the design, and unfortunately, if project requirements are poorly defined, this can prove disadvantageous to the owner. Additionally, quality may suffer if the pursuit of profit is an overarching focal point.

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