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Quality Assurance and Quality Control Part 1

In the first half of this two-part article, we will discuss quality assurance and quality control. Quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC) are often confused because they are so similar but they each have a unique role. A QA/QC plan should be the foundation you build upon since they both have a direct impact on the outcome of your project. Contract compliance is essential and one that an experienced Lakeland construction attorney can assist you should the risk of a defect arise.

Quality Defined

Quality assurance and quality control are rooted in “quality” and achieving quality begins with quality management. Merriam-Webster defines quality as a high level of value or excellence. In construction, quality is about meeting or exceeding the expectations of your client by satisfying every part of your contractual agreement.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is primarily about managing the entire process of a project through a planned system to meet your project objective so that quality standards and requirements of the contract are fulfilled. This is done through quality control efforts.

Quality Control

Quality control confirms that quality assurance is accomplishing predefined goals. Quality control is a part of the quality assurance process where contractors work to meet design specifications through consistent quality control efforts like inspections and testing. To learn more about best practices in quality control, please visit Part 2 of this article.


Implementing a quality assurance and quality control plan prior to starting your project and actively following quality control protocol plays a major role in staying within defined project budgets and meeting your project completion deadlines and of course, avoiding ugly disputes. Our Lakeland construction attorneys can assist you with all aspects of legal documents as you work to achieve customer satisfaction by implementing a solid QA/QC program. Remember, a top-notch QA/QC plan leads to a glowing reputation.

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