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Questions to Ask Potential Construction Dispute Attorneys

When you find yourself in a situation where you think you need a lawyer, it can be tempting to pick the first Nashville construction dispute lawyer that you find that appears to be competent. However, this does not always work out best for you. Finding the best lawyer for your needs means vetting multiple lawyers to see where their strengths lie.

You should vet any lawyer before hiring them to represent you. A simple vetting process can reveal whether or not a lawyer is qualified, competent, or the best fit for you. In this editorial, we’ll cover the questions to ask potential construction dispute attorneys before you pick one to represent you.

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What Are Your Qualifications?

The first question that you ask any lawyer should be about their qualifications. Every lawyer is qualified to work in a specific field based on their training and experience. Make sure your lawyer has the appropriate training, experience, and credentials to represent you in your specific case.

A competent lawyer should be able to answer this question relatively easily. His or her qualifications include their license, where they went to school, how many cases they have tried in this field, and how much experience they have with similar cases to yours. When you discuss qualifications, make sure that you received accurate information.

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What Is Your General Strategy?

There are several ways to end every case, and lawyers gravitate toward specific methods based on their experience. You’ll want to assess what the lawyer’s general strategy is so you know what to expect towards the end of the process. For example, some lawyers focus on settling claims, while other lawyers focus on having claims overturned. It is up to you to decide if the lawyer’s general strategy aligns with what you want to get out of your case.

Who Else Will Work My Case?

In an office with multiple lawyers, the one that you speak to may not be the one that handles or works on your case. Offices with multiple lawyers usually share work between them, and you may have multiple lawyers work on your case. Investigate the credentials of the other lawyers in the network on your case so that you can feel confident in their abilities as well.

What Is the Fee Structure?

Before you begin the work with a lawyer, it is important to know what the fee structure is. Legal processes can generate a lot of fees just by performing basic legal actions. Knowing what the fee structure is can help you determine which lawyer to choose and how you may be affected pending the outcome of your case.

Every lawyer has their strengths, and there are many lawyers to choose from. You can find a lawyer that is best for your needs by asking a few simple questions. If you have any questions about construction law, contact a Nashville construction dispute attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

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