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Raising Roads to Combat Sea Level Rise

Rising sea levels are threatening South Florida, and its roadways may soon be underwater unless its residents can agree on a plan. Nowhere is this situation more drastic than in Miami Beach, where the city is planning on spending $500 million dollars to improve pumps, upgrade pipes, and elevate roads. However, city officials are receiving pushback from its residents. Below, the South FL contractor lawyers at Cotney Construction Law will discuss the concerns and obstacles involved with this massive infrastructure undertaking.

Where Will the Water Go?

Many residents are concerned that raising street levels will only cause water to flood their properties. They believe that flood waters will have nowhere else to go if their homes are below grade. Additionally, homeowners are concerned about the impact that raising roads will have on the aesthetics and property values of their homes.

Alternative Methods

Miami residents are concerned that the raising of roads will be a failed experiment, and that focus should be instead given to clearing drains and installing pumps. A major issue is that some residents aren’t experiencing flooding like others and would like to see less drastic methods employed, such as the use of plants to soak up water and water storage areas.

No Time to Waste  

Over the next 40 years, sea levels could rise as much as 34 inches. Miami-Dade and Broward counties are in a particularly vulnerable spot due to the porous limestone ground, ocean currents, and constant storms inherent to the area. It is estimated that it will take eight to ten years for Miami Beach to complete its various projects and raise its roads.

Even if the cities of South Florida can’t come to a general consensus, many residents are already altering their own homes in an attempt to combat flooding. It is clear that South Florida is in store for numerous construction projects. If you need assistance protesting or defending a winning bid on a project in Miami, a South FL contractor lawyer can assist you.

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