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The federal government is the largest procurer of goods in the world and awards billions of dollars in contracts annually. However, if you are new to procuring government contracts, you should know that government contracts are highly regulated and the bidding process can be challenging. It is essential that construction companies connect with a lawyer as they pursue Raleigh government construction contracts.

The Federal Bid Process

Projects are awarded to companies through a sealed bidding process where government officials evaluate each bid. The bid that provides the best overall value is awarded the contract. Procuring Raleigh government construction contracts can be difficult for inexperienced contractors. The federal bid process is highly regulated and involves complex legal and technical paperwork. If your application does not meet federal requirements, your bid can be rejected, delivering a blow to your company’s reputation. Many companies lose a large percentage of the contracts they go after.

Consult an Attorney for Raleigh Government Construction Contracts

Employing an attorney who understands how to win government contracts is a wise decision as they will have an in-depth understanding of the application process and the government’s guidelines and requirements. An attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants can ensure that you are properly registered with the right credentials, avoid common bid application pitfalls, and have a successful strategy to increase your chances of winning a government contract.

Cotney Attorneys & Consultants Excels in Bid Protests

In North Carolina, federal contracts are awarded to “the lowest responsible bidder.”
It can be discouraging to lose a bid after you have invested a significant amount of time in the bid process. Your best recourse is to seek counsel with a Raleigh bid protest attorney that excels in bid protests.

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we help our clients protest and defend bids. If you believe an agency failed to conduct a procurement fairly, you can challenge the awarded federal contract or the terms of the solicitation of that contract. In the event that you win a bid, we can defend you against another bidder who challenges the validity of your award. If you need assistance protesting bids on county, municipal, state, and federal projects, as well as arranging bid packages or qualifying bids, trust our team to provide you with expert guidance and unmatched representation.

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