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Construction projects involve many stakeholders, complex agreements, and an extensive number of rules and regulations that are imposed on businesses. With so many elements at play, legal issues can arise in a number of ways. The construction industry is competitive and inherently risky, and disputes are commonplace.

When you are facing contract issues, construction defects, workplace safety issues, or any other problem that could negatively impact your business or the completion of a project, our Raleigh construction law lawyers are here to help.

Nationally Recognized Raleigh Construction Law Attorneys

Cotney Attorneys & Consultants is a nationally recognized law firm that is committed to representing contractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, and other construction industry professionals in a variety of legal matters. Our Raleigh construction law lawyers each have unique construction backgrounds which allows us to understand the many nuances of the construction industry from the project site to the courtroom. If you are in need of legal advice or require skilled representation, contact us today.

Expert Representation for Your Business

Our Raleigh construction law attorneys have the knowledge and the experience to help you navigate even the most complex cases. We are intimately familiar with laws at the federal, state, and local levels. We provide an extensive range of services to our clients and will aggressively settle cases both in and outside of the court system.

We help in the following matters:

  • OSHA law
  • Roofing law
  • Lien law and bond law
  • License defense
  • Bid protests
  • Employment law
  • Immigration law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Contracts and legal agreements
  • Corporate transactional law

The construction industry is rife with disagreements and lawsuits that are often a result of poorly written contracts. This is why it is never too early to consult with an attorney. We can ensure your contracts are sound and help you prevent legal conflict.

If you are in need of a professional construction law firm, please submit our contact request form for more information.

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