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Recognizing Ineffective Construction Project Management Practices

It is quite simple. Poor planning leads to poor results. It is unfortunate that many construction professionals repeatedly employ ineffective management practices that often lead to issues such as poor quality work and even work-related injuries. As experienced Tallahassee construction law attorneys, we know the consequences of ineffective construction management and would like to discuss some of the characteristics and effects of poor project management in this article. If you want better results on your projects, be sure to take note to improve your future projects.

Characteristics of an Ineffective Project Manager

Some project problems are a direct result of ineffective processes, measurements, and practices; however, everything can be traced back to people. If you notice any of the following on your jobsite it is time to be more attentive and intentional with your style of management.

  • Inexperience
  • Always identifying but never offering solutions
  • Does not anticipate problems
  • Poor task delegation
  • Poor time management
  • Stagnant with no effort to improve
  • Lacks people skills and poor crew management
  • Does not understand the projects scope or complete plan

The Effects of Poor Project Management

Poor project management is not totally responsible for a project’s failure; however, it does have a substantial impact. The following factors can cause a project to fail, and many times they can all be rooted in poor management practices:

  • Increased backlog
  • A lack of management resources
  • Ineffective bidding
  • Generalized documentation
  • Poor change order management
  • Failure to track project progress
  • Inaccurate estimates (time, financial, and effort)
  • Inadequate risk management
  • Lack of detailed project plans

If your project is built on a poor system (e.g., processes, procedures, and practices), this can be problematic. Running your projects with uncertainty or unstable objectives will increase your risks in all areas including budget, safety, disputes, and more. Do not sacrifice your project’s quality, safety, or revenue. Be diligent about improving project management practices to avoid project failures.

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