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Recruiting the Best Subcontractors for Construction Jobs

Most general contractors know that a subcontractor can make or break a job. Although a subcontractor technically isn’t the employee of the general contractor, in the client’s eyes, there is no difference. Hire the wrong subcontractors and the reputation of your business is at stake. If you want to avoid problems such as shoddy workmanship, project delays, and a host of other issues, examine your hiring practices, follow the tips in this article, and consult with one of our Birmingham construction lawyers, if you have more questions.

Target Millennials

Baby boomers are retiring and leaving the industry which is directly affecting the construction labor pool. It’s time to implement a millennial-focused recruitment strategy to fill those job openings.

Pay Well

Many people feel construction doesn’t pay well compared to the extensive hours required. Be sure that your compensation plan is competitively driven by the market.

Stay in Compliance

Understand the rules and regulations involved in immigration law. If you need assistance bringing workers in the country and staying compliant, consult with a Birmingham construction lawyer.

Assess Verbal and Technical Communication

Ask if they have a background using communication and collaboration tools. Are they comfortable using key software? Can they convey their qualifications and skills well? Hire workers that have the ability to communicate with key people including suppliers.

Do a Background Check

Don’t be in a rush to hire someone. Always check their background and credentials. Are they licensed, certified, and insured? Do they have good references? If you don’t feel good about someone (even if they have all the right credentials) don’t hire them.

Ask to See Their Work

A picture is worth a thousand words; sometimes it’s necessary to see a portfolio of sorts. Photos of a subcontractor’s work will give you a more solid idea of their work history and quality as well as set serious candidates apart from the crowd.

Seal the Partnership With a Contract

Once you decide on a subcontractor, put a contract in place that covers the contractual relationship. Also, negotiate the provisions of the contract to ensure there is a fair balance of risk and rewards.

Never be hasty and desperate in your hiring decisions; be proactive by searching and recruiting subcontractors year-round to increase your likelihood of success.

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