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Refocusing on Safety in the Construction Workplace

When you have been doing a job for an extended period of time, it is easy to get a little complacent, but it only takes one mistake for an injury or death to occur. This is why a robust safety program is necessary so that the health and safety of employees is top of mind. When employers plan properly, communicate proactively, and engage the workforce, workplace incidents are reduced. In honor of Construction Safety Week, which occurs annually during the month of May, our OSHA attorneys would like to share three ways you can refocus on safety at your construction site.

Worksite Visits from Management

Commitment starts with the leaders of the company. Business owners, project managers, and supervisors are responsible for effectively communicating government regulated and company safety policies and procedures to workers. They should make safety-specific visits to each jobsite periodically in the form of attending safety meetings and briefings, having safety discussions with crews, and completing a safety audit or inspection.

Conduct Safety Reviews

Sometimes existing processes may need a little adjusting. This is why informal and formal safety reviews are necessary. Safety reviews are conducted in various areas:

  • Company policies
  • Training requirements
  • Safety documents
  • Housekeeping and storage
  • Emergency response protocols
  • Equipment, tools, and fire inspections

Evaluate the Company’s Safety Performance

Assess the company’s safety performance to determine if safety initiatives are being met and if the company meets compliance. Assess areas such as safety culture, employee training, communication, employee and subcontractor evaluations, compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Is your company culture one that supports safety? Do your employees participate in constructive and respectful communication via meetings, email, reporting, and feedback? Does your company actively ensure that employees know the rules, understand the rules, and follow the rules. If your company’s safety record leaves more to be desired, consult with an OSHA attorney as soon as possible to get your safety performance back on track.

While most construction workplaces have policies, procedures, and training in place, it’s critical that safety efforts remain a top priority. By refocusing on the importance of safety workplaces you will be a step closer to an incident-free workplace.

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