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Reinstating an Expired Contractor’s License in Tennessee

Becoming a licensed contractor in Tennessee isn’t easy. You have to work hard and remain dedicated to your trade if you want to meet all the necessary licensing requirements; otherwise, you’ll never work on a project valued at $25,000 or more — which can be a significant damper on your career aspirations as a contractor. Once you become licensed, you need to make sure that your license doesn’t expire to continue working and growing your business.

In this article, a Nashville license defense attorney will cover everything you need to know about reinstating an expired contractor’s license in Tennessee. Keep in mind that working without the appropriate contractor’s license could result in a Class A misdemeanor and loss of license or the ability to obtain license for six months, among other penalties.

Reinstate Before It’s Too Late

Getting your contractor’s license reinstated is relatively simple for the first twelve months following expiration. Contractors have exactly one year to renew their license from the expiration date. After one year has passed, contractors are required to complete and submit an all-new license application as part of the reinstatement process. 

Even if you have worked as a contractor for twenty or thirty years, these expiration dates are fixed, so if you plan to retire you’ll want to be absolutely certain that you won’t be returning to the project site; otherwise, you could find yourself being forced to provide a financial statement, obtain a reference letter and insurance, and so much more. The only thing that differs from the first time you obtained your contractor’s license is that the Board for Licensing Contractors will determine whether or not a trade exam is required to reinstate your license.

How to Get Reinstated

Here’s how a contractor can get their license reinstated:

  • Complete the “Contractor’s License Application.” Pay close attention and select “Reinstatement of Expired License” on Page 1. This requires that you list your license ID # and the corresponding expiration date.
  • Submit the non-refundable $250 application fee for a two-year license issuance.
  • Fill out all other information pertaining to your business name and address, name on license, mode of operation, monetary limits, and more. This can differ from your expired license. Keep in mind that you’re essentially applying for a new license, although the license ID # will be the same as your previous license.
  • Utilize the “License Search” function here to see if your license has been approved.

Once your license is reinstated, you can start bidding on projects again. However, before you do, we recommend that you consult a Nashville license defense attorney to ensure that your license is valid for the project you intend to take on. You can also take this time to brush up on any changes in the law that could affect you and your business.

If you would like to speak with a Nashville license defense lawyer, please contact us today.

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