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Renewable Energy and Construction Part 2

In this five-part construction series, we are discussing green construction and the ways renewable energy practices are being implemented into projects. In the last section, we discussed the reasons why this movement is underway and how it can benefit the construction industry. In this section, we will discuss many of the most innovative designs being implemented into environmentally-friendly projects. Remember, for legal assistance with any of your construction projects, please contact a Nashville construction law firm.

Energy-Conscious Designs

With the rapidly increasing demand for energy-conscious projects, any type of construction work from residential to commercial is utilizing energy efficient designs. Of course, the fastest growing market in the construction industry is in solar panel roofing jobs. Expanding on this novel concept, solar canopies are beginning to be implemented into metropolitan areas and one day could create entire “green cities.” Green roofs or eco-roofs are another popular architectural trend being applied in downtown districts of the biggest cities in the United States. This type of roofing system allows maintenance-free plants to grow on rooftops and is another energy saving innovation that reduces our carbon footprint.

Controlling the Outside Elements

Although solar solutions and roofing designs are the most common topics when discussing how to implement eco-friendly, renewable energy, there are many other ways to incorporate energy saving technology into projects. For example, designing structures that allow more natural light into the structure is one easy way that architects and contractors can create more energy-conscious structures. Another creative application is controlling the lighting system with Ultraviolet (UV) blocking smart windows that can enhance the sunlight into the home and reduce the damaging elements of too much sun exposure. Similarly, geothermal heat pumps are an environmentally positive way to control the HVAC in your home.

Worth the Investment

From energy-efficient appliances to the physical shape of buildings, professionals in the construction industry are discovering new and creative ways to create eco-friendly solutions for construction projects in both the residential and commercial sector. Although the initial cost to implement many of these designs is more expensive than the traditional route, homeowners and business owners will discover that they will save money on electric bills in the long run.

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