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Reverse Mentoring in Construction: A Win-Win for Everyone Part 2

In the midst of lingering labor shortages, retiring construction workers, and disinterested millennials, construction companies are finding innovative ways to stay ahead of the game. Reverse mentoring is one of the ways in which companies are tackling technological changes and a widening skill gap in their workforce. Our Tallahassee construction law attorneys discuss reverse mentoring in more detail in part one of our series. Read on to learn about the benefits of reverse mentoring and how to implement it successfully.

Benefits of Reverse Mentoring

Due to technological advancements in the construction industry, older workers can find themselves overwhelmed with the complexity of digital environments. Conversely, younger workers can find themselves in over their heads when it comes to construction’s hands-on environment. The reverse mentoring concept is beneficial for workers and companies as a whole. Companies that capitalize on each workers’ strengths will see:

  • Greater productivity
  • Close the knowledge gap
  • Attracts and keeps younger talent
  • Bridges the generational gap
  • Expands skills and network
  • Creates a collaborative learning environment

Keys for Success

In order for reverse monitoring to be successful, companies must establish clear guidelines. The following are some tips for success:

  • Clearly define the purpose of the program and expectations
  • Consider starting off with a pilot program
  • Ensure all parties understand their role and expectations
  • Conduct regular reviews to determine progress and effectiveness
  • Report and follow up on issues and concerns

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