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Risks of Not Hiring an OSHA Defense Lawyer

Any time you get an OSHA citation, you have the option of challenging that citation. It’s not uncommon for construction companies to challenge citations since the penalties can be expensive, and you may feel that a citation you were issued is unfair. No matter the reason why you would challenge the citation, you have the right to involve a Nashville OSHA defense attorney to help you through the process. In this editorial, we’ll review the risks you’ll face should you decide against hiring an OSHA defense lawyer.

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Repeat Violations

OSHA regulations stipulate you cannot have multiple instances of the same violation within a five-year period. If this happens, the violations will be more serious, and you will face higher fines and other legal issues. Hiring a Nashville OSHA defense lawyer can help you handle the citation in a way that keeps it from being a problem on your record. This way, you will not have to deal with the problem of having repeated violations on your record and the potential legal issues that come along with them.

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Expensive Fines

OSHA fines can be expensive, depending on what type of citation you receive. Hiring an OSHA defense lawyer makes it possible to negotiate a lower fine or settlement. This is one of the main reasons why construction companies hire OSHA defense lawyers since expensive fines can make their business unprofitable.

OSHA is usually willing to reduce fines if you negotiate and have a good record. Having a lawyer represent you raises your chances of successfully negotiating with OSHA. Simply completing a successful negotiation could mean you’ll get to save tens of thousands of dollars.

Losing Your License

If you have multiple violations on your record or the violations are severe enough, you could face losing your contractor license. This is not a common occurrence, but it can happen. That’s why, if you are dealing with citations that could cost you your license, it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer immediately. 

Losing your license could mean the end of your company. Without a contractor license or appropriate business license, you won’t be able to work in construction at all. No one is likely to hire you due to the potential problems that having an unlicensed construction company work on a project can cause. 

Practice Limits

While you may not lose your license entirely, some states can restrict your license to a few specific types of work. Putting practice limits on a company’s license can be effective at keeping that company out of a specific type of work. It allows you to keep working, but you may struggle to find enough work under the restrictions to support your business. 

The potential risks of not hiring an OSHA defense lawyer can be devastating for your business. Don’t take that chance. If you have questions about OSHA citation disputes, contact a Nashville OSHA defense attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants as soon as possible.

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