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Roadway Safety Tips: Are Your Workers Safe? Part 1 featured image

Roadway Safety Tips: Are Your Workers Safe? Part 1

When it comes to safety, it always begins with a plan. There are many elements at play on a roadside construction zone. Whether it’s traffic, performing the work in a confined place, or nighttime construction work, project managers have many challenges facing them and must always be prepared to reduce these risks. Of course, if hazards are ignored, you may need the services of a Hillsborough County construction lawyer.

Signage for Motorists

It’s critical that roadside construction sites have a traffic control plan for both the internal workplace as well as the roadways as well. For nearby motorists, there needs to be conveniently located traffic signs before and after the construction area to ensure that the driver is aware of when they are entering and exiting a roadway safety zone. These signs need to be well lit and clearly visible to the driver as well to ensure that they are aware of the upcoming impediment. Whether it’s signage, cones, or other barriers, it’s critical that you protect your workers on-site and also the motorists as well when they pass by your roadside construction zone.

Managing Work Areas

Although motorists passing by the construction zone are always a concern, many of the accidents that transpire on roadside construction projects are unrelated to the outside elements. In cramped spaces with a variety of equipment, vehicles, and workers, the site needs to be closely monitored to ensure that all of the workers are aware of any hazards. Additionally, workers should understand each other’s activities.

It’s best to section off areas of the workspace with cones and other barriers to ensure that workers do not accidentally enter the wrong part of a construction zone. Safety on construction sites begins with everyone’s due diligence to ensure that everyone is aware of the work hazards present in their work area and throughout the site.

As we continue this three-part series, we will provide you with more roadside safety tips to ensure that your workers are safe. In section two, we will discuss more potential hazards to your workers. In section three, we will discuss the proper ways to implement safety meetings and training into your workplace.

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