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Roadway Safety Tips: Are Your Workers Safe? Part 2 featured image

Roadway Safety Tips: Are Your Workers Safe? Part 2

In this three-part article, we are providing you with safety tips. Remember, a Florida contractor lawyer is here to answer any construction-related legal questions you may have.

Know the Dangers of Your Construction Zone

There are several dangers on a roadside construction site, but some of the most hazardous situations are often overlooked. Many construction workers may not be aware that backing up injuries from entering or exiting vehicles are always a primary concern on roadside sites. The same goes for standing a safe distance from heavy equipment when it’s being operated. Although some of these hazards may sound like common sense, in a confined space, it’s much easier for a worker to overlook or be completely unaware of these potential threats that can easily injure them.

Tips to Help Avoid Injuries

Here are four questions all workers should be asking themselves to ensure that they avoid mishaps from transpiring on-site.

Can You Clearly Be Seen? Similar to the roadside signage we discussed in the first section, you need to be certain that everyone (motorists, co-workers, equipment operators) are aware of your location. This begins with standard safety gear and fluorescent jackets. It’s always a good idea to monitor the operators of moving vehicles and equipment to see where their line of vision is as well.

Are You Located in a Blind Spot? Workers must always be mindful of the potential blind spots on a construction site. Typically, these are around the on-site vehicles and heavy equipment, but they could also be in a poorly lit area as well. Workers need to remember that if they are not needed in a hazardous area then they should not be there.

Is the Equipment Working Correctly? This tip may seem obvious, but if a truck or heavy piece of equipment has a light out or another issue, this could be the difference between an accident and a safe workplace. Equipment operators need to always check their equipment each day when they arrive to work and before they leave as well.

Are You Keeping a Watchful Eye? If you are performing work that does not require you to have your back to the road then you should always face the roadways. Although this may sound like another common sense tip, workers can get so focused on their tasks that they forget about their surroundings. When there are a lot of potentially dangerous factors around construction sites, workers need to act as spotters that can help alert the other workers in case of an emergency.

For more information on roadway safety, please read the third section.

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