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Roof Deck Contract Provision

Roofing contractors often face issues associated with the existing roof deck.  In steep slope construction, these issues range from deficiencies/defects in the roof system caused by undulations in the roof deck to unanticipated moisture content.  Similarly, on low slope, deficiencies in the deck may cause ponding water or in the case of certain materials, result in the retention of water.   This provision is designed to limit a roofing contractor’s liability to only the top surface area of the roof deck with regard to moisture content as well as address unknown or latent defects caused by structural deck issues.

Contractor’s commencement of roof installation indicates only that Contractor has visually inspected the top surface of the roof deck for visible defects. Contractor shall not be liable for the structural sufficiency, quality of construction, undulations, or moisture content of the roof deck.

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