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OSHA Defense

OSHA citations can cause major interruptions to your business through the assessment of severe penalties and in some cases criminal charges. If you are faced with an OSHA citation resulting from a violations ranging from improper labeling of hazardous material to the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees, you should contact a construction lawyer in Sarasota immediately.

The Sarasota construction lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants have assisted contractors from a wide range of construction industries and can assist in organizing an informal meeting with the local OSHA representative or through formally contesting the citation, penalties, or abatement period.

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Contractor’s License Defense

The State of Florida places considerable protection of its citizens through the enforcement of penalties against unlicensed contractors and licensed contractors, who violate the expectations of both the Department of Professional Business & Regulation and the Construction Industry Licensing Board. Just one count of contracting without a license could lead to a third degree misdemeanor conviction, jail time, and fines, so these allegations should not be taken lightly.

Cotney Attorneys & Consultants represents contractors throughout the State of Florida against claims of fraud, abandoning a project, improper insurance coverage, failure to obtain a permit, and many other serious allegations that could lead to long-term legal consequences.

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Bid Protests

Many construction industry professionals rely on county, state, municipal and federal contracts for the livelihood of their business, so protecting the integrity of the bid process should be enforced at all levels of government. Accountability is upheld, when the unlawful awarding of a contract is challenged through a bid protest. While each company has the right to protest a bid, it is a complicated process and should be done with the help of a knowledgeable attorney who is experienced in Sarasota construction law and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

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Construction Lien Filing

As a construction professional, it is essential to enlist the partnership of a Sarasota construction lawyer well versed in Florida’s Construction Lien Law, who can draft, record, and serve lien documents such as the, Notice of Commencement, Notice to Owner, Claim of Lien, and partial and final release of lien. Cotney Attorneys & Consultants works with private property owners, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, material providers, and many others whose businesses are affected by Florida’s Construction Lien Law.

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Construction Litigation and Arbitration

Trent Cotney, P. A. successfully represents contractors, architects, engineers, home builders, and many other construction professionals through litigation and arbitration to resolve disputes including claims of lien, payment and performance bonds, negligent design, construction defects, breach of warranty, fraudulent misrepresentation and defamation claims. Our Sarasota construction attorneys understand the intricacies of the construction industry and steps needed to reach a dispute resolution without interrupting the operation of your business.

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Contract Drafting and Review

One of the best decisions you can make for your construction business is to only enter contracts that are either written by your construction attorney or signed after meticulous review by your construction attorney to ensure that you’re interests are protected. If discrepancies are found, they can be resolved through contract negotiation.

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