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The Cotney Lobbying Team is committed to the construction industry. Our lobbyists and consultants provide comprehensive lobbying and government advocacy services for construction firms, associations, contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Legislative Work

Legislation and regulatory developments can significantly impact a construction business. As industry advocates, we are intimately familiar with the most recent trends in state and local legislature, and we closely monitor and assess the activity of legislative branches to ensure that your best interests are protected. With experience in policy drafting, we successfully craft proposals that influence lawmaker rulings on statutes, amendments, and regulations on the state and local levels for the betterment of the construction industry.

Executive Advocacy

Construction businesses need a proactive and loyal advocate in their corner that has experience standing before executive agencies and state lawmakers. We are committed to effectively communicating with our clients so that we can successfully address your concerns and advance your interests. We have years of experience providing legislative advocacy services, and we understand how to develop successful strategies that present your best interests to the executive branch of government.

Bid Work

As government contract procurement is a highly political endeavor, our attorneys and lobbyists act as a reliable business partner that connects our clients with agency decision makers. In order to successfully procure lucrative government contracts, construction firms not only require valuable connections, but they also require assistance developing an effective bid package that is compliant with strict government rules and regulations. Our team has established valuable relationships with key members of government agencies, and we can assist you with procuring projects with state government agencies.
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