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Short on Labor? Here is How to Keep Construction Projects Thriving Part 2 featured image

Short on Labor? Here is How to Keep Construction Projects Thriving Part 2

The construction industry is still struggling in the area of skilled labor. The demand for skilled workers isn’t waning and contractors, developers, and project managers are feeling the pressure. However, in order for construction companies to continue to thrive, they must leverage their current workforce and resources.

In this final section, our Sarasota construction attorneys will discuss reverse-mentoring and reaching out to third parties for help. Read part one where we focus on technology and apprenticeships.

Utilize Reverse-Mentoring

Traditionally, people envision an older employee as the mentor and a younger employee as the mentee. However, with reverse mentoring, younger employees typically act as the mentor. In some cases, both parties can serve as mentor. Reverse-mentoring is especially important in construction. Baby boomers can impart their extensive career experience to younger workers while the younger workers can help older workers get acclimated to new technology.

Reach Out for Help

As reputable Sarasota construction attorneys, we believe in staying connected with industry groups and organizations that are committed to improving the construction industry. When you connect with these groups, you may find that some are able to meet your need and vice versa. Joining these organizations can help you with long-term needs while meeting short-term needs such as filling a labor gap.

The Importance of Managing Your Labor Shortage

If your company’s labor gap is not managed properly, it could lead to all sorts of issues for you, including decreased productivity, poor quality work, low employee morale, and even the loss of employees. Furthermore, companies will see a rise in labor costs, increased safety concerns, and they will experience longer delays at the construction site. These issues can further lead to legal problems, which would require the expertise of a Sarasota construction lawyer to remedy.

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