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Should an Attorney Review Your AIA Contract?

If you are thinking of going with a standard contract form such as an American Institute of Architects (AIA) contract, you should consider having a Jacksonville construction attorney review it especially since there are pros and cons to an AIA contract. Construction projects have the propensity to go from good to bad pretty quickly resulting in problems such as schedule delays, cost issues, and payment disputes. Although AIA contracts are popular, it is crucial that you get legal advice on how to tailor the contract to fit your unique project needs.

The Important of Contract Provisions

As previously mentioned, you may need to modify your AIA contract for specific reasons. In today’s risky construction environment, an ironclad contract is one that contains relevant provisions. Make sure your contract covers provisions that will protect you and decrease your liabilities. Some of the most important provisions to be mindful include indemnity, consequential damages, limitation of liability, and owner financing.

When Should You Seek an Attorney?

Owners, contractors, and other construction professionals should seek the assistance of a Jacksonville construction attorney to ensure their rights, obligations, and liabilities are fairly covered in the contract. The following are examples of concerns you may have that may require you to revise your standard contract.

  • Finishing the project on time
  • Terminating a project
  • Work performance and accidents on the job site
  • When and how to make payments
  • Staying within budget
  • How disputes will be resolved
  • Intellectual property concerns
  • Recovering attorney fees

Failing to make important revisions could lead to your need for a Jacksonville construction litigation attorney down the line.

How an Attorney Can Help You

Mistakenly, some construction professionals may think standard forms do not need to be reviewed by a Jacksonville construction lawyer, but this is not true. Just because a contract is standard and widely used does not mean the contract is fair and it will not guarantee you won’t run into some issues. Jacksonville construction lawyers are intimately familiar with AIA contracts and can review, negotiate, modify, and resolve AIA contract disputes on your behalf.

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