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Signs of Poor Project Management That Cause Contractors to Fail Part 1

Our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys are aware of the countless problems that can occur during a construction project. There will be issues beyond the contractor’s control; however, there will be some issues that are directly caused by the contractor. One of these issues is poor project management. Poor project management has a direct impact on the success of a project. This two-part article will discuss the signs of poor project management and provide helpful tips to keep contractors on track. Feel free to skip ahead to part two.

A Lack of Skilled Middle and Upper Management Staff

Construction project managers are in short supply as a result of factors such as an aging workforce and a dwindling supply of new talent. Additionally, failing to plan for the future and budget cuts may contribute to the shortage as well. The following are solutions to this problem:

  • Look internally for talent already on the organization’s payroll
  • Train current employees for advancement instead of hiring new employees
  • Promote from within
  • Create one, three, and five-year plans for employment needs
  • Allow current middle and upper-level management to find and develop new company leaders

Poorly Written or Confusing Company Policies and Procedures

Are your company policies and procedures well-written and enforced on the job site? Well-written policies and procedures allow employees to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits.

If you see an increase in the following, it may be time to review and revise your company policies and procedures:

  • An increase in accidents
  • An increase in costly overruns
  • More customer complaints
  • Increased employee stress
  • Inconsistent job performances
  • Confusion about company standards and operations

In conclusion, the company’s policy links the company’s vision and day-to-day operations. It should guide everyone toward accepted business strategies and objectives. Your procedures should provide a clear plan of action to carry out your policies. It should also identify job responsibilities and establish boundaries for the employees.

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