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Simple Tips to Increase Contract Enforceability Part 2

Contracts don’t always work out for one reason or another, which leaves you wondering what you can do about it. You can be proactive by always consulting with a Sarasota construction lawyer before drafting and entering a contract agreement. A well-written and executed contract is the best way to avoid yourself from a construction dispute. This final section of our two-part article will give tips for improving a contract. Read part one to learn about what makes a contract enforceable and unenforceable.

How to Improve a Contract

Practicing the following tips will save you some legal headaches:

A written agreement: Although there are instances where a verbal contract is okay, it is always best to get them in writing.

Clear and specific: Contracts should be easy to read and understand. A comprehensive contract with precise, unambiguous language ensures that it will not be misinterpreted by either party.

Reviewed: A contract agreement can have a major impact on your finances and exposes you to liabilities. Therefore, it needs to be reviewed for inconsistencies. Having your contract reviewed by a Sarasota construction attorney ensures your interests are protected.

Group similar provisions and eliminate useless ones: To lessen confusion, group similar provisions together. When noting payment terms, provisions, and due dates, put them all in the same location such as the beginning of the document, for example. This will increase readability and make it easier to catch inconsistencies. Sometimes contracts are made up of random sections pulled from other templates, eliminating useless provisions that no one understands will declutter the document.

Use Headings and increase spacing: Headings on any document improves readability and makes it easier to locate certain information. Double-spacing between breaks up paragraphs and makes it easier to follow along.

Contracts are filled with complex legal terminology, but it’s critical to understand the terms and conditions. If parties are confused on contract terms, take the time to clarify and negotiate any discrepancies with the help of a Sarasota construction attorney.

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