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Social Media Liability and the Construction Industry Part 4

As new technologies change the way professionals approach construction projects, it’s important to always consider effective ways you can adapt your process to best align with these changes. Although it may not be a primary concern of contractors, this includes the way we view and utilize social media platforms. In the first and second sections of this four-part series, we discussed the many benefits of having an online marketing presence for your business. In the third section, we offered some tips on ways you can avoid liability by coordinating a social media strategy and training employees on what they can and cannot post.

In this final section, we will discuss the importance of adjusting your employment contracts by creating a social media policy for your business. At the end of the day, social media can be an amazing way to benefit your construction business; however, you must do your best to eliminate social media gaffes from transpiring to ensure your business is protected from any legal action. Remember, for drafted and revised construction contracts, speak with an Orlando construction lawyer today.

Entering a Brave New World

Smartphone technology is reaching new heights, and with all of your workers having easy access to a phone with impressive image quality and video capabilities, controlling what information is publicly shared from your workplace has many new and unique challenges. The best place to begin the process of prohibiting classified information from being leaked is by contacting an Orlando construction attorney to draft a clause in your employment contract pertaining to social media access at work.

Three Reasons Why You Should Implement a Social Media Policy

Establishing social media policies in your employment contracts comes with many benefits. First, in the pre-employment stage, you are outlining the expectations and responsibilities of the employee in regard to their conduct utilizing social media at the workplace. Second, you are safeguarding your company’s best interests. As construction is a competitive field with a great deal of confidential information shared at the jobsite, you need to be certain that no employees are sharing this information on a public platform. Lastly, creating social media policies can help mitigate the chances of your business facing serious liability issues.

It’s an exciting time in construction where companies can market their business successfully utilizing social media platforms. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we encourage construction businesses to embrace this technology and use it to their benefit. With that being said, it’s important to adjust your company policies to align with these technological advancements and to ensure everyone on your jobsite understands your social media policy.

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