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Software Programs That Could Help Limit Liability in Construction

Some software programs could help limit your liability in the construction industry by ensuring that your documentation is organized and compliant with state and federal law. By implementing these programs into your daily operations, you will be able to closely track everything your business needs. This includes observing ongoing projects or generating W-2s when you need them.

In this brief article, a Broward contractor attorney will highlight types of software programs that are readily available on the market to help keep your construction company’s operations lawful and effective. Some software programs may encompass multiple functions, such as payroll processing and accounting, while others offer just one important feature. Lets review. 

Project Management

Project management systems enable you to quickly see the tasks your team needs to tackle at any one time. You can see which construction projects are scheduled as well as completed tasks. Not only does this make planning easier, but it can also serve as a safeguard to make certain that no steps are missed during a project, whether it’s filing for work permits or having work inspected. You can also create templates that can be duplicated for each project.


Most companies already have some kind of accounting program in place storing records of expenses and revenue. Accounting software can also serve as a payment processing system for credit cards. Keeping accurate financial records can protect your company against an IRS audit. In the event that the IRS audits your business, you will have all the records that you need to protect your company intact.

Payroll Processing

When it comes to withholding the correct amount of payroll taxes for your employees, a payroll processing solution simplifies the process. This software will calculate the correct amount based on your employees’ unique tax situations and direct deposit paychecks into their accounts. If you have any questions about whether your payroll processing software is an effective solution for recordkeeping for employees and independent contractors, ask a South FL contractor lawyer about your current system.

Client Management System

A client management system is where you can detail all client interactions, as well as client contact information and contracts. You can document the details of client phone calls, emails, and in-person interactions. You never know when you may need information containing the specific dates and times of an unhappy client conversation related to a project. 

Cybersecurity and Antivirus Software

Cybersecurity is a major concern for all companies, as your company could be held responsible for a breach of confidential client data. Maintaining active and updated copies of antivirus software and cybersecurity best practices could protect your company from a significant data loss.

Online Safety Training

Online safety training is becoming a common way to begin every employee’s onboarding process. Employees need guidance in what they can do on the jobsite to keep everyone safe and prevent accidents. If you already have a source for online safety training, you can work with South FL contractor lawyers to identify which employees should have access to each form of training and how often they should be required to take the training.

Estimating Software

Estimating and proposal software can automatically generate estimates for bids on new projects based on previous projects. In terms of liability, estimating software can more accurately predict the amount of time projects will take so that you can more appropriately charge for labor and supplies. Although estimating software can give you a great launching point for the bid process, consult a construction attorney for assistance with bid protests. 

Software can help to streamline operations, create necessary documentation, and improve accuracy of bids on projects. In the event you ever need to access evidence to support your claims or protect your company, these software programs can be very valuable. If you have questions about the kinds of software and documentation you may need, contact a Broward contractor attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants. 

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