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Solar Canopies Can Create Green Cities

As the market for solar power continues to grow at a rapid rate in the residential sector of Florida, downtown districts are often overlooked when it comes to providing residents with solar energy. There may be a solution on the horizon that will make it much easier for inner cities to access renewable energy and significantly reduce their electric bill. In fact, you may even say that city dwellers will have their desire to go green “covered.”

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The Problem With Installing Solar Panels

One of the biggest problems with solar panels (besides the expensive installation cost) is finding the space for installing these renewable products on the roofs of old buildings. Metropolises typically have limited roof space and restrictive building code requirements that do not allow for the standard approach of going green via installing large solar panels. Dense cities with infrastructure limitations seem like the last place likely to install solar panels; however, this may not be the case. With a simple modification to an emerging technology, solar panels could be featured in the most populated cities in America in the near future.

Solar Canopies

Brooklyn Solar Canopy Company has the ambitious dream of one day installing solar panels on the rooftops of all the buildings in New York City and beyond. To address the design limitations of New York rooftops, the “modular canopies” elevate approximately ten feet above the surface of the rooftops providing the buildings with more panels to produce a greater source of renewable energy. Of course, such a clever tweak in the emerging solar technology field can supply renewable energy to entire cities with old infrastructure.

Although this “solar canopy” technology is only in the embryo stage, such a modification of solar technology only leaves us wondering what other solar-inspired designs will be created in the near future. Imagine one day there may even be entire “solar cities.” We look forward to finding out what the future of solar holds.

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