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St. Petersburg Construction Bid Protests

A bid proposal is the basis on which many contractors and construction businesses are hired to perform work on a project. Construction bidding is the process of submitting a proposal to undertake the management or the execution of a construction project. This process is quite common for county, municipal, state, or federally owned projects. In addition to any requirements outlined in the bid solicitation (an invitation to accept bids), the proposal should include details such as the time frame needed to meet expectations and compensation needed to complete the project. After the closing of the solicitation period, the owner of the project will review all submitted bids and will award the contract to the most qualified bidder.

If a bidder who was not awarded the government contract has reason to believe that their proposal was improperly evaluated or questions the validity of the award, they can protest, or file an objection to, the awarded contract. For a bid protest to be considered, a specific bid protest process must be followed. This process can be cumbersome and time-consuming; often requiring a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Although not a requirement, hiring a St. Petersburg construction lawyer that specializes in bid protests will prove to be extremely helpful as only attorneys are given access to material that is subject to a protective order.

Protective Orders

Protective orders restrict access to certain sensitive materials during a protest, such as proposals and agency evaluation records. While a protective order restricts a contractor’s access to pertinent information, the protester may request a protective order to be issued and assessed by a qualified attorney. However, the attorney may not disclose any sensitive information with their client. Only attorneys who do not take part in competitive decision making are given access to a protective order. Access to these documents is crucial for successfully defending or challenging an award.

How a Construction Law Firm Can Help

As a contractor or construction business, a large portion of your work may come from being awarded government contracts. If you have reason to believe that a bid was improperly evaluated or if you question the validity of an award, contact an experienced St. Petersburg construction lawyer to investigate your bid.

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