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At Cotney Construction Law, our team of St. Petersburg construction lawyers all have experience working in the construction industry prior to entering the legal field, giving us a unique perspective when representing clients. We offer a full range of legal services to assist contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, developers, and others in the construction industry.

Construction Litigation & Arbitration

Construction related cases can be very complex due to the involvement of multiple parties and state mandated guidelines that contractors and construction professionals must abide by. During construction projects, disputes between contracted parties may arise. These disputes frequently lead to costly and time-consuming litigation or arbitration, that requires the experience of a knowledgeable St. Petersburg construction lawyer for a successful outcome.

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Lien Law

Although it is an invaluable asset to contractors and other construction professionals in the industry, Florida’s construction lien law can be an immensely complex and difficult area of construction law to understand. When forced to place a construction lien on a property due to non-payment for services performed, know that with the help of an experienced St. Petersburg construction lawyer from Cotney Construction Law, you will have the expert legal advice you need to successfully navigate through Florida construction lien law and execute your lien rights.

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OSHA Violation Defense

OSHA citations and penalties can be devastating to the operation of your construction business by way of heavy fees and hindrance of your daily business operations. If faced with an OSHA citation, it is important to deal with the violation immediately by going through the appropriate channels necessary to contest the terms of the violation. Trust an experienced construction attorney in St. Petersburg from Cotney Construction Law to provide your OSHA defense.

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Expert Review And Drafting Of Contracts

Contracts are legally binding agreements that define the terms of a construction project and the working relationships between owners, contractors, and subcontractors. If the terms and conditions of a contract are incorrectly or inappropriately defined, you may be at risk of facing legal issues should a disagreement arise. Before entering into a construction contract, it is highly recommended to consult with a St. Petersburg construction attorney to review, negotiate, or draft the necessary legal documentation to ensure you are protected. If a dispute arises, having the right contract in place could potentially save you from costly litigation.

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Professional License Defense

At Cotney Construction Law, our construction attorneys understand the importance of protecting the credibility and reputation of our clients. Our St. Petersburg construction attorneys have defended contractors throughout the State of Florida when faced with allegations and complaints against their license at both local and state levels for claims such as, misallocation of funds, improper licensure, abandonment of a project, and failure to notify the Department of Business and Professional Regulations of prior criminal convictions.

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Bid Protest Representation

As a construction professional, a large portion of your work may come from being awarded bid contracts from county, municipal, state, or federal governments. If you have reason to believe that a bid was improperly evaluated, contact an expert construction lawyer in St. Petersburg at Cotney Construction Law to investigate your bid and determine if legal action is necessary. Legally, the only way to access sensitive information that can prove your claims of improper bid procedures is through the representation of a construction lawyer.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Construction litigation can often be a lengthy, tiresome, and expensive solution to resolving construction disputes. For this reason, many construction contracts are drafted to include clauses which require disputing parties to seek alternative dispute resolution prior to litigation. Alternative dispute resolution provides disputing parties with a means to construct a mutually beneficial solution without the need for litigation. If you find yourself involved in a construction dispute, contact a St. Petersburg construction attorney at Cotney Construction Law to see if alternative dispute resolution is a viable option.

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