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Construction Arbitration

The terms by which arbitration is conducted, often, are predetermined in the formerly entered contract between parties, but as previously mentioned the arbitration clause may be null and void and litigation may still be entered, if terms of the contract have been violated by one or more of the contracted parties. Varying from litigation, where a judge or jury determines the final rulings of the case, an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators, generally knowledgable in the area of the dispute, review both sides of the case and administer a decision. The presentation of all sides of the case are typically expedited in arbitration and rulings are generally delivered quickly. A major benefit of arbitration is the more informal dispute resolution that allows for sensitive business matters to remain private.

Construction Litigation

If it is determined that negotiations will not be reached amicably in a construction dispute, presenting the case in front of a judge or jury may be the most favorable option in resolving the matter. Litigation is best to be entered with a knowledgeable St. Petersburg construction litigation attorney who has extensive working knowledge in construction law and contract disputes. While construction litigation should be a last resort, if all other previous resolution options have failed, it may be the only way to settle your case.

Construction Litigation and Arbitration Attorneys in St. Petersburg

With over 15 years of years of combined experience working in the construction industry, the Cotney Attorneys & Consultants team of arbitration and construction litigation attorneys in St. Petersburg have successfully assisted clients with disputes involving lien claims, payment and performance bonds, negligent design, defective construction, lien foreclosures, breach of contract, real property disputes, and more.

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